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Management Of Fused Maxillary Central Incisors Using Conservative Endodontic Treatment In Permanent Dentition : A Case Report

Rajnish Kumar, Prasad Rane , Zinnie Nanda, Akshay Bhavthankar, Rupali Gakhare, Nikita Patil


Fusion is considered as the union of two normally separated tooth buds with the resultant formation of a joined tooth with confluence of dentin. Fusion is seen in both the primary and permanent dentitions with a higher frequency in the anterior maxillary region. Fusion can result in crowding, abnormal spacing and delayed or ectopic eruption of the underlying permanent teeth in deciduous dentition and caries susceptibility and impaired esthetic in permanent dentition. Several approaches are available for the treatment of joined teeth in the permanent dentition and the treatment of choice is determined by the patient's particular needs. This case report presents a case of fusion in permanent maxillary teeth and their endodontic management.

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