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Evaluation Of Training Of Trainers (Tot) Program In A Dental Institution As A Recon To Enhance Teaching Skills Among Dentists

Mythri H, Sateesh C P , K R Kashinath


Introduction: Effective teaching is a concern of all teachers. Therefore, regular teachers’ training is emphasized globally. Attempts to improve teaching-learning skills by training dental faculty by organizing training of trainers (TOT) are done in few colleges. But its effectiveness has not been studied so far. Hence the aim of the present study was to assess the effectiveness of 3-day training programme on “Teaching-learning methodology and Evaluation” held in a dental institution. Methodology: The training programme was targeted at dental health professionals. The study was based on kirkpatricks four level model i.e., gain in knowledge, perception, behavior & impact of the programme. Results: The result showed that all participants (n = 24) improved their scores after attending the workshop (p < 0.001). Majority of respondents expressed that group activity and interactive sessions was the strength of the programme. The TOT was perceived as an acceptable way of acquiring teaching-learning skills. Conclusion: The overall impression about the training programme was very positive. Therefore, regular organization of such programmes with addition of new advances in dental education would be highly beneficial to improve dental professional as a model teacher.

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