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The shape and size of the sella turcica in skeletal class I, II & III patients of Central india population

Pankaj Akhare, Pooja Wajekar, Usha Shenoy, Sujoy Banerjee, Ananya Hazare, Himija Karia , Sangeeta Bhattacharya


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the shape and size of sella turcica with different skeletal types in Central India population. 120 lateral cephalograms of the subjects having Class I, Class II and Class III skeletal base were selected and grouped according to gender and skeletal type. The length, depth and diameter of sella turcica was measured, also the shape of sella turcica were evaluated and the mean values were analysed. The statistical comparison of linear dimensions of sella turcica in males and females was performed using student’s t- test. One way ANOVA test was done to determine if there was any difference in linear dimensions among the skeletal types. The results show that when skeletal type was compared with sella size, a significant difference was found in the length of sella between the Class II and Class III subjects. Significant differences in linear dimensions between gender was found, with the length of sella being more in males than the females. Sella turcica presented with a normal morphology in the majority of subjects (69 per cent) regardless of gender, skeletal type and age. Thus, variation in linear dimensions and morphology of sella was found in this study, which can be used as standard for further investigations involving sella turcica in Indian population.

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