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Severity of Dental fluorosis among school chidren- A clinical study

Prashant Babaji


Background: Dental fluorosis is commonly seen in children after dental caries. The severity of dental fluorosis depends on the fluoride intake during tooth formation. The clinical enamel defects vary from fine white lines to severe chalky or opaque enamel, which may get discolored and are easily broken down after eruption. The present study was conducted to determine dental fluorosis among school children. Materials & Methods: The present study was conducted 624 school children. In all children, oral examination was done carefully with explorer a plane mirror and tongue depressor following Dean’s fluorosis index as 0- normal, 1- questionable, 2- very mild, 3- mild, 4- moderate, and 5- severe. Results: Out of 624 subjects, boys were 322 and girls were 302. The difference was non- significant (P- 1). Age group 6-9 years had 104 boys and 112 girls, 9-12 years had 162 boys and 142 girls and 12-15 years had 56 boys and 48 girls. The difference was significant (P- 0.01). The grading was questionable in 24 boys, 35 girls, very mild in 86 boys and 75 girls, mild in 114 boys and 102 girls, moderate in 92 boys and 88 girls and severe in 6 boys and 2 girls. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Conclusion: It is seen in children in developing teeth. Boys had slightly more fluorosis as compared to girls. Excessive fluoride intake in the form of water, food, salt, sugar etc. may lead to fluorosis.

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