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and Medical Sciences
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Dental Stem Cells- Origin, Banking, Engineering And Applications

R. Hemalatha, Karthika Panneerselvam 


Stem cells are group of undifferentiated cells that can renew on its own. During the process of proliferation, the newly formed cell can remain as a stem cell or as a cell with special function. The two chief groups of stem cells are embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Dental stem cells are type of adult stem cells and includes stem cells obtained from Dental pulp,deciduous teeth that are exfoliated, apical papilla, periodontal ligament and dental follicle. The most important attribute of the stem cell is its ability to generate and transform into a particular type of a cell when cultured in a specific medium. Stem cells of odontogenic origin are employed in various therapeutic purpose and in tissue regeneration. Tooth banking aims at preserving the stem cells of odontogenic origin and has gained momentum in the recent past across the world. The fundamental objective of the article is to review the scientific literature on the stem cells of odontogenic origin, its clinical applications, preservation of stem cells of odontogenic origin and tissue regeneration from stem cells.

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