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Assessment of Mothers Knowledge, Attitude And Practices of their Children’s Oral Health Care, Attending opd At Farooqia Dental College And Hospital, Mysore

Gurudath G, Vijaykuamr KV


Aims: Mothers oral health knowledge, belief and attitudes influence the oral health maintenance, dietary habits and healthy behavior of their children. The aim of this study was to assess the mothers oral health care knowledge , attitude and practices of their child. Materials and Methods: cross sectional questionnaire survey conducted among 410 mothers, in the age group of 20-45 years. A self-administered structured questionnaire including parent's literacy levels, socioeconomic status, dietary practices and oral hygiene practices, was designed to assess the knowledge of the mohers regarding oral health of their child. Inclusion criteria were respondents having children between 2 and 6 years of age and exclusion criteria were respondents having physical or mentally handicapped children. Data were collected through an interview.SPSS-12 was used for data analysis. Chi Square test was used to find the significance of mothers KAP, with p<0.05 as statistically significant. Results: About 70.4% had poor knowledge, 52.3% exhibited poor attitude and 58.2% were following fair practices towards a children’s oral health. There was an association between mothers age and dentist visiting pattern, significant p < 0.04. Conclusion: This study showed that mothers had poor knowledge and attitude towards a children’s oral heath due to which majority were following poor oral health practices.

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