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Mastering Dental Implant Placement: A Review

Babita Yeshwante, Nazish Baig, Sejal Shinde Tambake, Rohit Tambake, Vishakha Patil, Reshma Rathod


The proper positioning of dental implant is essential to prevent damage to vital structures, providing an optimal prosthesis and ensuring a successful long term outcome. Surgical guide template helps in diagnosis, treatment planning, determining proper angulation and positioning of dental implants. Surgical guide templates can be fabricated using 3 different design concepts-completely limiting, partially limiting and completely limiting design. Advancements in the field of implantology such as three dimensional imaging, implant planning software, computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, computer guided, and navigated implant surgery have led to the accurate positioning and precise placement of dental implants by the clinician. Nowadays, following the advances in robotic technology, robotics have also found its way into the field of dentistry reducing manual effort and increasing the accuracy of the treatment procedures. This article thus reviews the recent advances in mastering the art of implant placement.

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