Journal of Applied Dental
and Medical Sciences
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Biofilm and its Therapeutic Approaches

Suchetha A, Spandana Andavarapu, Sapna N, Divya Bhat, Apoorva SM, Chitra Jayachandran


The microbial communities adhered to a substratum and encased within an extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) produced by the microbial cells themselves is defined as Biofilm. Treatment of these biofilm is usually supportive. Although dental plaque cannot be eradicated, it can be controlled with oral hygiene measures that include a daily regimen of brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antimicrobial mouth rinse, professional oral prophylaxis and many newer therapeutic modalities like replacement therapy, immunization, photodynamic therapy and laser. No matter what, biofilm control is fundamental to the maintenance of oral health and to the prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis. This can result in the prevention and development of associated sequel, including gingivitis, periodontitis and possibly the impact of periodontal diseases on specific systemic disorders

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