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Evaluation Of Effectiveness Of Free Gingival Graft (FGG) For The Escalation Of Gingival Height By Gingival Thickness Augmentation: A Case Series

Bushra K Quazi, M.L.Bhongade


INTRODUCTION: Autogenous gingival grafting is a well established pure mucogingival procedure for increasing the width of keratinized gingiva. This procedure has proven reliable in increasing keratinized gingiva and stopping progressive gingival recession. The long term stability (upto 4 years) of these treatment outcomes has been demonstrated. METHOD AND MATERIAL: In this case series, 3 cases associated with inadequate width of kerationized gingiva in relation with multiple mandibular anterior teeth were treated by autogenous free gingival graft obtained from palatal region for increasing the width of attached gingiva. For clinical evaluation, all the cases were followed 3 months post-surgically. RESULTS: 3 months post surgical re evaluation showed an average of mm increase in width of keratinized gingiva. Healing at the donar site was uneventful in all treated cases. CONCLUSION: The results of the present case series for increasing the width of keratinized gingival and gingival thickness augmentation using free gingival autograft indicate that this procedure could be applied for increasing the width of keratinized gingiva on larger area (2-3 teeth). The free soft gingival autograft when used for increasing the amount of keratinized gingival by escalation of gingival height is a relatively simple surgical procedure.

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