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The Talon Cusp Anomaly – Review of The Literature And Treatment Options

Dinesh Francis Swamy, Elaine Savia Barretto, Sapna Sada Raut Dessai, Kathleen Manuela D’Souza, Kennedy Mascarenhas, Sheen Ann Alex


Talon cusp is a developmental anomaly which occurs as a result of disturbances in the complex process of tooth development. The clinical problems caused by the anomaly may be diagnostic, functional, aesthetic or pathological. Treatment should be planned depending on the configuration and size of the talon cusp and during tongue of occlusal interferences, irritation associated clinical problems such as attrition, speech or mastication, development of dental caries and it ranges from nil treatment, conservative treatment such as cusp reduction and restoration, to intentional endodontics. This paper reviews the literature associated with the anomaly and their conservative management.

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