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An Audit of joint Hypodontia clinic

Ahmed Alassiry, Sela Hussain, Mark Sayers


Objective: To assess the type and demographics of patients referred onto the multidisciplinary hypodontia clinic at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup.Design and setting: Retrospective audit carried out between December 2012 - 2013 of patients referred to the hypodontia clinic at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup. Gold Standard: -100% of all patients with hypodontia are referred onto the hypodontia clinic for treatment planning prior to commencing orthodontic treatment.Materials and Methods: The clinical notes of 50 patients were assessed for patient demographics, number and type of missing teeth, skeletal and dental malocclusion, presence of any primary dental disease, and the treatment outcome.Results: The most prevalent teeth affected in this study group were lower 2nd premolars, followed by upper lateral incisors. 28% of the patients had a family history of hypodontia. The largest percentage of patients with hypodontia (42%)were treated using a combination of fixed appliances and resin bond bridges. Conclusion: The audit confirmed that the most prevalent teeth affected by hypodontia were upper laterals and lower second premolars. The audit supports the evidence that hypodontia has a genetic cause.

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