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Titanium Allergy- A Less Explored Area in Implant Dentistry

Syeda A Haseeba, Girdhar Kamath .P, Naveen YG, Vinaya K C, Vandana Rajput


Dental implants have become revolutionized mode of oral rehabilitation in partially and fully edentulous patients. Though there are high success rates in implants, a failure rate of 1.5-6.7% is still existent. Both patient and implant related factors are responsible for implant failure. Among these factors titanium allergy could be responsible for failure of implants in susceptible patients known as “cluster patients”. Titanium allergy has been demonstrated by clinical studies and clinical reports. The risk of allergy to titanium is increased in patients who are allergic to other metals. This reminds us not to exclude titanium allergy in susceptible patients. In such patients as a precautionary measure, in vitro tests like “MELISA” can be included as a part of protocol during diagnosis and treatment planning of implant dentistry. This review reports that titanium can induce allergy in susceptible individuals and precautions should be undertaken to avoid the clinical, psycho-social and financial challenge for clinicians & patients.

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