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and Medical Sciences
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Exosomes: An oncogenic kit

Swatantra Patel, Himanta Ghritlahare


Exosomes are nanometer-size vesicles manufactured with in late multivesicular endosomes and actively secreted into the extra-cellular environment. The major role of exosomes seems to be the transport of bioactive molecules between cells. Depending on the cells of origin, exosomes are implicated in the regulation of several cellular events. Cancer derived exosomes (CCEs) are important players in the formation of the tumour microenvironment by enabling the escape of tumour cells into the immunological system and help initiating the inflammatory response. They also act in the differentiation of fibroblasts and mesenchymal cells into myofibroblasts, triggering the angiogenic process, enhancing the metastatic evolution of the tumour by promoting epithelial to mesenchymal transformation of tumour cells, and by preparing the tumour niche in the new anatomical location.

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