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and Medical Sciences
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Macrodesign of Dental implant – A review

Ajay Pandey, Siddharth Gupta , GS Chandu, Purushotam Kumar, Shweta Permar, Lily Tiwari


Implant design features such as Macro- and Micro-design may influence overall implant success. factors such as thread geometry, thread shape, thread pitch, helix angle, thread depth and width as well as implant crestal module and apical design consideration may affect implant stability. thread geometry affects the distribution of stress forces around the implant. A decreased thread pitch may positively influence implant stability. Excess helix angles in spite of a faster insertion may jeopardize the ability of implants to sustain axial load. Deeper threads seem to have an important effect on the stabilization in poorer bone quality situations. The objective of this article is to give a clear and standardized overview of the main surface characteristics of a given implant surface using a macrodesign characterization. which allows us to improve and deepen our knowledge about implant surfaces, and is a significant step towards establishing a clear link between surface characteristics and biological responses

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