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Prosthodontic Management of a patient with xerostomia: A novel technique for salivary reservoir fabrication with a removable lid

Karekar N1,Aras M2,Chitre V3


Xerostomia is a subjective complaint, often referred to as reduced salivary flow. It may be a result of systemic conditions like Sjogren's syndrome, salivary gland diseases, Diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, dysfunction of immune system like HIV/ AIDS, due to head and neck radiation or medication-related side effects. Patients suffering from xerostomia may complain of not only a dry mouth, but also of difficulty in normal oral and oropharyngeal functions including eating, speaking and swallowing. Increase susceptibility to infection is also seen. This article describes a new technique of incorporating a salivary reservoir in the maxillary complete denture. The salivary reservoir fabricated by this technique provided good lubrication of the oral tissues was easily cleansed by the wearer and was fabricated from routine denture materials.

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