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Influence of Full Mouth Rehabilitation on Iron Deficiency Anemia Status In Children With Severe Early Childhood Caries

Uma Nagarajan, Renuka Dhingra, Payal Chaudhuri, Busi Karunanand, Poonam Arora


Objective: The aim of the present study was to assess the influence of full mouth rehabilitation on the status of iron deficiency anemia in children with severe early childhood caries (SECC). Study design: A total of thirty children were included in the study between the ages of two to six years. Children who were otherwise healthy but had SECC were assessed for symptoms of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and were referred to the pediatrician who then recommended tests to confirm IDA. These children with both SECC and IDA were included in the study. A full mouth rehabilitation was carried out for these children. About three months post full mouth rehabilitation, another blood investigation was carried out and the baseline values and post-op values of various parameters were compared to assess the difference. Result: Significant improvements in the various parameters tested were observed after full mouth rehabilitation. Conclusion: There is a positive correlation between SECC and low weight and presence of iron deficiency anemia in these children and that on treating the pulpal pathology, resolution of iron deficiency anemia can be achieved.

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