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Reimplantation of Primary tooth – Case Report

Kambalimath H1,Sahu S2, Joshi A3, Surwanshi D4, Banode P 5


This article reports a clinical case of a primary tooth avulsion followed by dental reimplantation and endodontic treatment according to the established protocol for the treatment of traumatized primary teeth. A patient, 7 years of age, suffered the avulsion of tooth 63 because of road traffic accident . The child was given dental assistance within 30 min, and the avulsed tooth was stored in milk during the period. After radiographic examination, the tooth was reimplanted and splinted. This procedure was performed after obtained permission from mother. Endodontic treatment was implemented immediately before reimplantation.. The endodontic treatment consisted of root conditioning with APF gel followed by metapex as obturating material. Fresh bleeding was induced in socket prior to reimplantation followed by splinting.

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