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Zygomatic Air Cell Defect – A Retrospective Panoramic Radiographic Study

Thriveni R, Wajiha Shereen, DNSV Ramesh, Amit Byatnal, Sweta Kattimani, Saba


Aim: To determine the prevalence, radiographic appearance and characteristics and establishing dominant location of zygomatic air cell defect (ZACD) on digital panoramic radiographs in south Indian population. Materials & Methods: The dental panoramic radiographs of 500 dental outpatients were examined retrospectively for the presence of ZACD and to evaluate the variations and characteristics of ZACD. Groups were compared by v2 analysis for the presence of ZACD. Results: ZACD was found in 24 patients with a prevalence rate of 4.8%.Unilateral and unilocular appearances were the dominant patterns. Patients with ZACD were mostly in the third decade of life. Conclusion: Digital panoramic radiographs are considered better than conventional panoramic radiographs in identifying and locating ZACD. It may be very useful in planning surgical treatment of the temporomandibular joint and in understanding the spread of pathological processes into the joint.

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