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Evaluation of Effectiveness of Diode Laser in the Management of Ankyloglossia: A Case Series

Vikas V. Pakhare, Priyanka G. Jaiswal, Vidya S. Baliga, Pooja P. Suryavanshi, Shilpa B.S


Background: Ankyloglossia is a clinical condition characterised by decreased mobility of the tongue tip due to unusually short, thick lingual frenum which can affect speech, normal deglutition and periodontium and can have social effects. Lasers have emerged as an effective treatment modality for this condition due to its various advantages like less pain or discomfort, postoperative inflammation and faster healing. Aims and objectives: The aim of the present case series was to evaluate the effectiveness of diode lasers for the treatment of ankyloglossia. Methods and materials: A total of 10 patients with a mean age of 20.5 years, with partial or complete ankyloglossia classified according to Kotlow's classification of ankyloglossia, were selected for the present case series which were surgically treated by using Diode Laser. Results: The length of the free tongue improved significantly from mean 7.4 mm preoperatively, to mean 13.1 mm postoperatively, with no recurrence and significant improvement in speech at 9 month of follow up. There was minimal pain or discomfort to the patient intra-operatively as well as post-operatively and also the surgical wound healed significantly at a faster rate. Conclusion: Thus Diode laser can be considered as effective, comfortable and beneficial mode of treatment for ankyloglossia with greater patient compliance.

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