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Functional And Esthetic Rehabilitation Of Cleft Palate Patient With Fixed Prosthodontic Therapy: A Case Report

Neetu Singh, Narendra Kumar, Kunwarjeet Singh, Anant sinha, Ankita Agarwal,Parul Gautam Gandhi


The oral rehabilitation of individuals with cleft lip and palate is directly related to the severity of anatomical and functional alterations determined by the malformation and the age at the treatment onset. Rehabilitation of patients with cleft lip and palate involves a multidisciplinary approach involving surgeons, orthodontists, prosthodontists, psychologist and speech therapist.1 Patients with cleft lip and palate present with multiple challenges to the prosthodontist. Some of them include decayed, carious, multiple missing, malposed and many times teeth are erupted in palate. This clinical report presents the rehabilitation of surgically treated cleft with fixed prosthodontic therapy after correction of collapsed palate with palatal expansion. The patient presented with 4 unit PFM crown after extraction of palatal erupted lateral incisor.

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