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Modified Circummandibular wiring technique in the management of displaced pediatric mandibular parasymphysis fracture -An alternative to bone awl -A Case Report

Veena Shivanna, Shashidhara Kamath K, Manjunath K S, Arun P Devakar


Mandibular fractures in children are rare due to thick adipose tissue, resiliency of bone, protective and care taking nature of the parents.1 These fractures occur due to different etiology including self fall, or trauma.2The treatment options are controversial as any surgical intervention in young children may misguide the jaw growth or may even cause damage to the developing young permanent teeth. More conservative approaches are opted due to anatomic complexity and the high osteogenic potential of the mandible in growing children.3 This case report documents one such modification of treatment objective of mandibular parasymphyseal fracture in a 9 year old boy.

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