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Comparison of The Phagocytic Activity Of Gingival Crevicular Fluid (GCF) Neutrophils At Healthy Sites With Periodontally Diseased Sites.

Priyanka G. Jaiswal, M. L. Bhongade, Arvind Bhake, Kaustubh Thakare , Shradha Pande, Pavan Bajaj, Pankaj Banode


Aim and Objectives: The purpose of this study was to compare the GCF neutrophils function with the following objectives:1) To assess the total GCF neutrophils count in Healthy and Chronic Periodontitis patients. 2) To assess the percentage of phagocytic capacity of GCF neutrophils in Healthy and Chronic Periodontitis patients. Method and Materials:Total thirty subjects (17 females and 13 males) in the age range 20 to 57 years were recruited for the study. Two groups with 15 subjects each were designated as Group 1 (Clinically Healthy), and Group 2 (Chronic Periodontitis) respectively, according to the plaque index, Papillary Bleeding Index and diagnosis was based on their periodontal status assessed clinically and radiographically.2 µl of GCF samples was collected from Group 1 and Group 2 subjects. Total neutrophil count and the neutrophils with ingested bacteria was calculated in both the groups. Results:The mean total GCF neutrophil counts was significantly greater in Group 2 (9027.33 ± 404.16 per as compared to Group 1 (4046.66 ± 324.29 per positive Pearson’s coerrelation coefficient test between neutrophil count and clinical parameters. However, the percentage of GCF Neutrophils phagocytosing the bacteria in Group 2 (59.66 ± 4.25) was significantly lower than the phagocytic activity of GCF Neutrophils from Group 1 (75.26 ± 4.11). Conclusion: Neutrophil count and its phagocytic activity is altered in chronic periodontitis as compared to healthy subjects, increasing the susceptibility of individual to disease. Therefore, GCF neutrophils count could be used to assess the disease activity as a simple chair-side diagnostic tool.

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