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The Effect of Verbal and Videotape Oral Hygiene Instruction on Plaque control for Patients with Fixed Orthodontic Appliance.

Ramit Chaddha,Amitabh Kallury, Ankur Chaukse, Trilok Shrivastava


INTRODUCTION-Maintaining oral hygiene is thus more difficult in orthodontic patients as compared to non-orthodontic individuals. The orthodontic appliances encourage the accumulation of dental plaque and the proliferation of cariogenic and periodontopathic microorganisms, increasing the risk of caries and periodontitis. Thus, orthodontic treatment represents a serious invasion of the oral environment. METHDOLOGY- The present study is a longitudinal interventional study design. The study subject comprised of total 30 patients with fixed Orthodontic appliance. At the base line plaque index had recorded and given verbal intervention and demonstrated on a model. Patients were recalled after 3 weeks and plaque index was recorded. Then video of maintaining oral hygiene was shown to patients and after 3 months plaque index was recorded. RESULT- After verbal intervention the mean plaque score was increased 2.76±72 in labial surface and decreased 2.43±62 in lingual surface and after videotape intervention was decreased 1.86±345 in labial surface and lingual surface 1.6±54 which was highly significant. CONCLUSION- This study found that general oral hygiene care, convenient cleaning instruments, demonstration of oral hygiene technique and video tape can produce a better effect, and so clinical practitioners should not ignore the importance of oral hygiene instructions.

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