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A Study On Clinically Significant Macular Oedema In Diabetic Patients In Tertiary Care Centre, Kurnool

K Anjaneyulu, M.S., . G. Narendranath Reddy, Madhuri Thotakura, C Vijay Kanth


Aim: To study the association of CSME in diabetic patients with respect to Age, Sex, Urban and Rural population, NDPR and PDR. Material & Methods: A Study population of 500 diabetic patients attending the outpatient department of Ophthalmology at Regional Eye Hospital, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh was taken. The present study was conducted from july 2014 to june 2016. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients were taken into account. A complete ophthalmological examination was done and the patients were clinically graded according to ETDRS classification. Results : Out of 500 patients 29 patients had CSME which constitutes 5.8%. Of these 29 patients ,9 patients belong to the age group 61-80 years(1.8%) , 15(51.72%) patients were female. 18 (68.8%) out of 29 patients had PDR and 15(51.72%) patients came from rural area. Conclusion : Present study shows that CSME is more common in the age group of 61-80 years. Female patients are more prone to CSME than male patients. More progressive the diabetic retinopathy higher will be the incidence. Patients coming from rural areas showed higher prevalence than urban population.

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