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Undiagnosed & diagnosed entity - Altered passive eruption, Review and case report

Pranav S Patil, M. L. Bhongade  


Smile esthetics have been shown to play a major role in the perception of whether a person is attractive, and whether they are perceived as friendly, trustworthy, intelligent, and self-confident. A proposed major esthetic problem in dentistry is what is termed excessive gingival display, better known by laypeople as a “gummy smile”. Eruption involves two phases, active and passive. Active eruption ceases when the teeth come into contact with the opposing dentition. The additional step involved in the normal eruption pattern of teeth involves passive eruption, which is the migration of the epithelial attachment apically to expose the anatomic crown of the tooth. A delay or failure of this to occur can result in the appearance of short clinical crowns and excessive gingival display. In present case report, A 25-year-old female patient presented to the dental clinic expressing to be discontent with her smile, due to the display of gingiva when she smiles. Before choosing the adequate treatment, esthetics and periodontal factors were analyzed. In the present case report, surgical crown lengthening along with osseous recontouring was the treatment chosen. Through a correct diagnosis and technique, it was possible to obtain harmony in the smile.

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