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Glass-Ionomer Cement- A Magical Genie For All Restorative Needs

Paridhi Rawat 


For centuries, the quest for an ideal ‘biomimetic’ material has been the holy grail of dental restorative materials. ‘Change is inevitable, progress is a choice.’ With the advent of innovative novel technologies, contemporary dentistry now has access to many outstanding restorative materials. A paradigm shift has occurred from conventional dentistry to futuristic concept of bio-esthetic restorations. The concept of developing ‘smart’ materials in dentistry has gathered pace since their properties simulate natural tooth substance such as enamel or dentin. Smart behavior was reported for the first time in Glass-Ionomer Cement. They possess phenomenal properties of true chemical adhesion, therapeutic anti-cariogenic effect due to fluoride release, good biocompatibility, wondrous remineralization, attractive esthetics and low toxicity. These appealing attributes, not enjoyed by its contemporary counter-parts, empower GIC for its versatile applications and entitle it for being an indispensable part of a dentist’s restorative armamentarium. Since their release into market in the mid 1970s, GICs have enjoyed somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, moving in and out of popularity. But current level of intensive research on them introduced new horizon of ever-improving range of materials of this type. The aim of this article is to revise the unique properties of GIC and various clinical applications of this magical genie that have propelled restorative dentistry to new heights.

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