Journal of Applied Dental
and Medical Sciences
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Recent Advances In Dentifrices

Garg R , Thakar S , Gupta P, Bansal M , Gupta N 


Dentifrices are pastes, gels or powders that help remove plaque, a film of bacteria that forms on teeth and gums every day. A great deal of research and development has been undertaken to improve the quality and effectiveness of dentifrices. Modern dentifrices have evolved to become smooth, good tasting toothpastes which contain anticaries, antigingivitis, antisensitivity ingredients, or breath fresheners while providing greater cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. The science and technology underlying the design, composition and manufacture of modern dentifrices have become very advanced from decades ago till today. This review discusses the various ingredients used, their uses, recent advances and future applications of dentifrices.

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