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Combination Syndrome: A Systematic Review

Jitendra Uttamrao Shinde, Nazish Baig , Supriya Deshpande, Nikita Parasrampuria, Swati Bhandari,
Sneha Maknikar


The group of complications which representing as a syndrome are interlinked to one another progressing in a sequential manner is known as ‘combination syndrome’ by Ellsworth Kelly in 1972. Combination syndrome progresses in a sequential manner. The various features includes loss of bone from the anterior portion of the maxillary ridge, overgrowth of the tuberosities, papillary hyperplasia of the hard palatal mucosa, extrusion of mandibular anterior teeth, and loss of alveolar bone and ridge height beneath the mandibular removable partial denture bases, also called anterior hyperfunction syndrome.This is an attempt to provide an overview of combination syndrome.

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