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and Medical Sciences
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Insight into Bio-Advancement of Dental Implants

Abdul Habeeb Bin Mohsin , Sarah Samee , Mohammed Ayaz 


Implant companies has developed the anatomic implant, a CAD/CAM (computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing) Zirconium implant used in immediate placement. The hopeless tooth is extracted atraumatically to avoid any damage to the extraction socket, which is to be used as implant site. Particular care has to be taken to preserve the buccal cortical bone. The root or an impression of the extraction socket serves the purpose for production of the individualized immediate implant. The prepared root/impression is then scanned and the implant milled from a medical-grade Zirconia block, the surface is roughened by sandblasting and sintered to achieve the desired mechanical properties. Thereafter the implant is sterilized. Within few hours the customized implant is ready for use.

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