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Simple Innovative Techniques for Semi Precision Attachments: A Case Series

Karani J , Idrisi A , Kamat V , Mistry S, Pai A


The desire to balance between functional stability and cosmetic appeal in dental prosthesis gave rise to the development of Precision Attachments in dental field. Since then, Precision Attachments have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery. The use of Precision Attachments for partial denture retention is a practice builder for the better class of dentistry and helps to elevate the general standards of partial prosthodontics. Even though this is the best possible retention aid available, it comes at a fairly high cost. In this article, our aim is to present, same quality of precision with desirable mechanical properties using day to day items like plastic buttons, coffee straws in replacement to conventional matrix and patrix system. This case series give us an insight of how simple attachment systems can be inspirational to the young dentist.

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