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Management of “Taurodontic” Tooth: A Rare Case

Mohana Pratima. K, Ravjot Ahuja , Dax Abraham , Arundeep Singh


Taurodontism is a type of variation in tooth morphology that occurs predominantly in molars. Taurodontism refers to change in tooth shape caused by the failure of Hertwig’s epithelial sheath diaphragm to invaginate at the proper horizontal level. An enlarged pulp chamber, apical displacement of the pulpal floor, and no constriction at the level of the cemento-enamel junction are the characteristic features. Although permanent molar teeth are most commonly affected, this change can also be seen in both the permanent and deciduous dentition, unilaterally or bilaterally, and in any combination of teeth or quadrants. In performing root canal treatment on such teeth, one should appreciate the complexity of the root canal system, canal obliteration and configuration, and the potential for additional root canal systems.

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