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Evaluation and comparison of Clinical effectiveness of two topical anesthetic agents Precaine® against Precaine® B – in vivo study.

Natasha Kale , Alok Patel  , Sanket Kunte, Preetam Shah , Chetan Bhat , Shweta Chaudhary


Topical anesthetics are widely used in pediatric dentistry practice to reduce pain and anxiety produced during administration of local anesthesia. There are different combinations of topical anesthetic agents available worldwide. However, there is sparse literature report exist regarding clinical efficacy of these agent.Aim-To compare the clinical effectiveness of two topical anesthetic viz. Precaine® (8% Lidocaine +0.8 Dibucaine) and Precaine®B(20% benzocaine) in children before local anesthetic injections. Study design- This is double blind clinical study included forty children divided equally under two techniques- palatal injections, inferior alveolar nerve block. Both the product were used alternatively with split mouth design in two visits and child’s pain response was assessed after local anesthetic injection using Wong baker scale and Taddoi’s modified behavioural pain scale. The scores obtained were subjected to statistical analysis. Result- Precaine® has shown lower mean score compare to Precaine® B for both the technique and pain scale. Gender wise comparison was not significant between Precaine® and Precaine® B. On visit wise comparison, there is no specific difference observed for Precaine®, where as Precaine® B in palatal injection showed significant pain reduction for the second visit. Conclusion - Precaine® can be used more effectively as compare to Precaine® B.

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