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A Survey on the Quality Of Communication Between General Dentists/ Prosthodontists And Dental Laboratories In The State Of Rajasthan

Monica Shrivastav , Narendra Padiyar U , Pragati Kaurani 


A questionnaire were sent to the laboratory technicians through online generated Google forms to determine the level of communication between general dentists, Prosthodontists and dental labs in speci?c areas of the work authorization forms for Prosthodontic work. Twenty five dental laboratories were randomly chosen from the State of Rajasthan. Two similar questionnaires of 15 questions each, one for general dentist and other for prosthodontist as mention in the form, were mailed to the laboratory directors of respective labs. The questions focussed on: whether work authorization forms were provided by the lab, thoroughness of prescriptions, patient information, choice of materials for the prosthesis, design of the prosthesis and shade description. For each question, comparative evaluation was done for the level of communication between general practitioners and Prosthodontists to the dental labs. Results- 84.02% of prosthodontists and 63.17% of general dentists having better communication with dental labs. It was concluded that, Work authorization forms need to contain speci?c informations requested by the laboratory, so better communication can occur between the members of the team. Additional stress on teaching the significance of work authorization at the undergraduate programmes.

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