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Mobile Phones in Dental Clinics: A Possible source Of Infection

 Brijesh Ruparelia, Nishi Mishra, Tripti Rahangdale, Nimit Jain,Shivangi Malviya, Syed M Noorani


A mobile or cellular telephone is a long-range, portable electronic device for personal telecommunication. The vast majority of mobile phones are hand-held. In less than 20 years, mobile phones have gone from being rare and expensive pieces of equipment used primarily by the business elite, to a common low-cost personal item. In many countries, mobile phones outnumber landline telephones since most adults and many children now own mobile phones.A mobile phone is a vital tool for communication for any doctor, but research shows that while a great electronic innovation, this personal item is among the most bacteria infested surfaces we come in contact with everyday.Many studies have revealed high rate of contamination of mobile phones handled by dentist. Mobile phones may act as a reservoir of micro-organism that can be transmitted to the patient. Restriction of mobile phones use in clinics and hospitals should be recommended. This review examines previously investigated risk factors for contamination in addition to work on surface decontamination of the device. Recommendations to reduce contamination risks include staff education, strict hand hygiene measures, guidelines on device cleaning and consideration of the restrictions regarding use of mobile phone technology in certain high risk areas.

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