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Bewildering Mandibular Premolars

Sheetal Agnihotri, Ravjot Ahuja, Dax Abraham, Arundeep Singh


A clear understanding of the anatomy of human teeth is an essential prerequisite to all dental procedures especially so in the case of root canal treatment which deals with management of the tooth's internal anatomy. A clinician must be aware of various paths that a root canal can take to the apex. Pulp canal system is complex and the canals may branch, divide and rejoin. External morphologic features that can be seen in teeth are crown size, root length, and division of roots. Internal anatomic variations occur in root canal configuration. Complex root canal system with atypical variations is a common finding among mandibular premolars. Endodontic treatment in these teeth may not be successful due to the failure to recognise and treat multiple canals Failure to recognize all these anatomical complexities often result in treatment failure.

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