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Contrast Agents In computed tomography: A Review

 A.Steffina Lydia Jascinth, CH.Uma Reddy, G.Sathees Chandra Mouli , R.Sudharshan,A.Feroz Khan, M.Anitha


CT is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows for three dimensional visual reconstruction and slices of tissues of interest. CT imaging today is less time consuming, less expensive, and more readily available when it is compared with MRI and positron emission tomography (PET) .The identification of a disease may be difficult due to very low contrast between pathological tissues for example tumors and metastases , organ structures and tissues around the site of interest.Contrast agents are boon in dentistry since it increases the density of tissues of desired area and thus blocks x-ray transmission thereby helps in better visualization of the structures.The choice of contrast agent depends on routes of administration, desired region of interest , suspected diagnosis and it should be non toxic to the tissues.This article is a review on contrast agents ,their adverse effects and management..

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