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Fundamentals of enamel and dentin adhesion: Review

Nishant Khurana, Kunwar Suhrab Singh, Radhika Gautam, Mahesh Pratap Singh ,Khushboo Mansoori ,Aditya Mishra


Ever since the demand of esthetics in dentistry has taken front row leaving behind durability as primary focus, enamel and dentin bonding agents have managed to grab enormous attention. Because of this increasing popularity these agents have undergone various stringent in vitro and in vivo studies to assess and exalt its efficacy. Objectives: the rife literature was reviewed to give more information on bonding agents, including their origin, mode of action, methods of adhesion, and popular systems based on various clinical researches. Data sources: information from original clinical research papers, review articles, library dissertation, published articles in international journals were added in this review. Conclusion: pertaining to their adhesive properties, bonding agents have larger in vitro and in vivo success rates. etching is an integral part of adhesion and various factors like complete smear layer removal , concentration ,duration and the form in which etchant is used, type of bonding agent applied determine the ultimate success of resin based restorations.

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