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Esthetic reconstructive cranioplasty for depressed frontal bony contour: A case report

 D. R. Prithviraj , K. Sounder Raj  ,S. K. Vishwanath, Akash Patel, Shruti Saraswat ,Shruthi D. P.


Cranial vault deformities as a sequelae to trauma may be as high as 70%. This reconstructive cranioplasty requires a multidisciplinary approach. Cranioplasty also improves esthetic appearance by reconstruction of harmonic contours to facilitate psychosocial rehabilitation. Nowadays polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and titanium are the most commonly used alloplastic materials for this rehabilitation. Titanium implant has several advantages including biocompatibility, shortening of operative time, and ensuring to achieve improved physical properties, such as compressive, impact and shear strength, acceptable aesthetic result. This article describes both the prosthetic as well as surgical aspects of titanium cranioplasty.

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