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Recreating Smiles with Gingival Mask - A Case Report

 Hemant Gadge, Madhvi Singh, Girija Balareddi, Aishwarya Patil, Ajinkya Wagh


The periodontal attachment loss, gingival recession and loss of interdental papilla in the maxillary anterior region can often lead to aesthetic and functional clinical problems. It becomes a challenge for the dentist to provide an aesthetic solution for the missing gingival tissue and to maintain hygiene. Gingival prostheses may be fixed or removable and may be made from acrylics, composite resins, silicones or porcelain-based materials. Undercuts or dental attachments are used to secure removable prostheses, which are esthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. This case report describes the fabrication of an esthetic and soft flexible nylon based thermoplastic gingival veneer in a chronic periodontitis patient providing an economical and esthetically acceptable solution.

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