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Effectiveness of Three Topical Anaesthetic Agents in reducing injection pain in children: A Comparative Study

 Swati Sharma, Ajoy Kumar Shahi, Abhishek Anand ,Shagufta Syreen


Pain is a complex phenomenon; physical maturation, cognitive development and emotion all influence the ways in which pain is experienced and expressed. An important part of performing dental treatment without patient suffering pain is the administration of local anesthesia. Paradoxically, administration of local anaesthetic drugs itself produces pain and anxiety that may cause subsequent unfavorable behaviour in children. Topical anesthetics may achieve beneficial effects prior to needle penetration and shown to reduce the discomfort of infiltration anesthesia. This study evaluates the acceptability of three topical anesthetic agents commercially available in India, and also determines whether assessments of pain severity by children correlate with similar assessments made by independent observer.

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