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Evaluation of Marginal fit of castings made with an accelerated Casting technique using reusable alloys in different percentages – In Vitro study

Vijayanti Lotwani, Mahesh Gandhewar, Shrikant Reddy, Revathi K.


Background: Reusing of alloy has become a need of time due to the increasing demand, depletion of resources and substantial increase in their price. In this study, marginal accuracy of castings fabricated by reusing the alloy in different percentages to the new alloy along with acceleratd casting technique was compared. Materials and Methods: 30 wax patterns were fabricated and the marginal discrepancy between the die and the patterns was measured using an optical stereomicroscope. Ten wax patterns were cast using 25%by weight of reusable alloy, ten were cast using 50%by weight of reusable alloy and ten were cast using new alloy. A nickel-chromium alloy with accelerated casting technique was used. The marginal discrepancy of the castings was measured and compared. Results: The vertical marginal discrepancy of the castings obtained by using new alloy was less compared to the other two groups. Conclusion: Castings produced using new alloy were better than those obtained with reused alloy. The vertical marginal discrepancy of all the three groups was well within the maximum clinical tolerance limits. Clinical implication: Alloys can be reused till 50% by weight along with the new alloy and accelerated casting technique can be used to save the lab time to fabricate castings with acceptable vertical marginal discrepancy.

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