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CBCT: The Wave Of Future In Imaging Cleft Palate Patients – An Observational Study

 Arati Chaudhary, Vanaja Reddy, P.V. Wanjari, Ashish M. Warhekar, RoubleVerma


Aim: The purpose of this observational study was to determine the use of Cone Beam computed Tomographic imaging in assessing the volume of alveolar clefts. Materials and Methods: Preoperative CBCT scans of four patients with cleft palate were analyzed. Using anatomical landmarks, the volumetric analysis and bucco-palatal length were evaluated. The nasal cavity morphology and dentition adjacent to the cleft were also observed. Results: This observational study revealed the average facial width which ranged from 6.03±1.02mm -15.6±2.04mm,facial height ranging from 1-12.9±2.33mm, and facial length ranging from 1-9.1±1.81mm, the average volume determined was ranging from 6.3±1-1831.2±24 mm3. 3-D relationship between the bone bridge and the roots of the cleft adjacent teeth,and nasal morphology were also observed. Conclusion: CBCT imaging can be a reliable method to calculate the height, width and length of the clefts. These data can be useful to the operating oral and maxillofacial surgeons to assess the amount of alveolar bone grafting needed and determining the time orthodontic treatment of the cleft-adjacent teeth.

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