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Assessment of mother’s knowledge regarding importance of eruption of first permanent molar and child oral hygiene practices: A correlation study

Paresh M Lakhani, Ruchi Arora , Deepak P Bhayya, Subha Dogra,Sonal Jain


Objectives: The first permanent molar is unquestionably the most important unit of mastication and is essential in the development of functionally desirable occlusion. The loss of a first permanent molar in a child can lead to changes in the dental arches that can be traced throughout the life of that person. The surrounding conditions it faces during eruption, make it highly susceptible to caries and erupts at an age at which diet habits of the child (e.g. frequent sweet intakes) predispose to caries and at which oral hygiene practice is still not well developed. The main aim of this study was to assess mother’s knowledge about importance of eruption of 1st permanent molar and to relate their education level with child oral health. Materials and methods: A total 150 children aged between 5 to 12 years were selected for the study with had at least one first permanent molar erupted in any quadrant. Closed questionnaire study was carried out about the first permanent molar. Mothers were interviewed regarding their level of education. The First Permanent Molars were clinically examined for the presence of dental caries, fillings and history of extraction due to caries using WHO criteria. Data was collected and statistical analysis was carried out. Results: Education level of mother related to time of eruption of first permanent molar were low. Conclusion: There is need for education amongst new mothers regarding significance of first permanent molar and infant oral health care as a whole.

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