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A Study To Correlate Face Form And Tooth Form In Anterior Tooth Selection

Mukesh Yadav, Vandana Singh ,Dinesh Bidkar, Puja Hazari


Background: To determine the association between the shapes of actual faces and right maxillary central incisors. Materials and Method: For shape form 152 subjects were studied and for size (measurement) 140 individuals were studied. Standardized Photographs were taken using Nikon Digital camera D-90 which was analyzed by three trained professionals. Digital Vernier caliper was used for measurement of dimensions of tooth and face. SPSS-20 software is used for the statistical analysis. Result: The present study showed differences in inter-observer findings. For face, square shape constituted 12.5% - 41.4%, square taper 10.5% - 33.6%, taper 16.4% - 41.4% and ovoid 6.6% - 46.1%. The different types of tooth form according to visual perception were 9.9% - 26.3% for square shape, 10.5% - 52% for square taper, 16.4% - 38.2% for taper, 15.1% - 30.3% for ovoid and 0.7% - 3.9% had undetermined shape. No significant correlation was obtained between face forms and shape of tooth (p>0.005).Conclusion: There is no association between maxillary central incisor form and face form

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