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Habit In Family- A Determinant Of Habit In Child – A Study

Vandana Singh, Mukesh Yadav ,Preeti P. Nair, Priyanka Singh Kushwah


Background: To study the correlation between chewing habit in children and habit in family members in school students of east Bhopal. Materials and Method: Seven schools in east Bhopal city having a total of 971 students in class IX to XII were surveyed. Students were given a structured questionnaire to fill, followed by complete dental check up. SPSS software was used to analyze the results. Result: A total of 106 students; 103 boys and 3 girls had the chewing habit. 84 students chewed plain areca nut, 15 chewed gutkha and 04 chewed paan masala. Significant correlation was obtained between chewing habit in family and chewing habit in the child (p<0.005). Conclusion: Proper education about ill effects of the habit and banning these products for under 18 year individuals along with education program for entire society should be compulsory.

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